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This is a list of some of the things folk have said about the software (my comments are in [blue]).
here are links to the different applications:  ReadOnly FlagRASH Mosaic GridCity SenLab
Every once in a while one gets lucky.  Your software is absolutely perfect.  Couldn't have asked for anything better.  Thank you, thank you, thank you......., Ontario, Canada
What can I say... other than, WOW! AWESOME! FANTASTIC! And those are just for starters!  I had copied *all* my files (over 30g worth) to CD's only to find that *everything* was set to read only.. what a pain!
Ironically, on one of my computer lists, another lady had the exact same problem... the list owner told us about your program.  I downloaded it, and just got around to giving it a shot today.  I tried it on my MP3's first...  I have over 650 of them...  a main folder and many subfolders...  I clicked on ReadOnly and within 3 seconds..  BOOM!  They were cleared of the "read only" attribute!
This is a great program to have in ones arsenal of utilities!  I have written back to the computer list and told them what a great program it is, and I will be recommending it *HIGHLY* to others I know!
Thank you so much for this great freeware program!
Very nice utility.  The only comment I have is that maybe the utility should also clear the read-only attribute on folders.  Right now it doesn't.  [but FlagRASH does]
I just downloaded a copy of ReadOnly.  It does a great job of fixing an annoying problem.  Could you send me a copy that does not expire?  Thanks.
I have wanted such a utility for quite some time.  This seems to be just the thing for files transferred back to the hard disk from CD.  Thank you.
Thank you for the Read Only freeware program.  I really get a lot of use from it.
I like it.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you for your program - it has helped IMMENSELY with my recovery.  My hard drive crashed on Sunday - and I had to restore everything from backup.  I found your program on a website - and it saved me an immense amount of time.
Good idea!  very useful for CD-ROM files copied to disk.
Hello, I'd like to express my esteem for your valuable and elegant ReadOnly application.  I've acquired several months ago a (very useful) file management application, called AnyWhere 5, which has (among others) a tool for clearing the "Read Only" flag from a selected group of files.  However, this is limited to files residing in a certain folder - NOT like your tool which enable having all files in a chosen directory and its sub folders.  What's more - some times I need to set certain files as "Read Only" (for example document templates which I don't want to be overwritten by mistake when using them to create actual documents), and until now I've lacked a suitable tool for it.
Just downloaded ReadOnly program and all I can say is THANKS !  I had just bought a new PC with a CD burner includd in it and it was driving me NUTS knowing that when I created the new CD it changed all the foles to read only so your program worked great and I will keep it for use in the future.
Thanks again.
great program!
Hi, I realy like your program, it is very fast.
Thanks & congratulations from Spain.
I just downloaded your program "ReadOnly."  I do a lot of work with digital pictures.  I save them on CD's.  Of course when I go to edit them, they are all Read Only.  Your program is just what I have been looking for.  It saves me the time of changing the Read Only on each picture.  THANK YOU.
What a great idea....  saved me hours on my mp3's.....  good thinking!
Read-only has saved me hours of effort and cursing.  Everyone with CD-R/W drive needs it.  I'm going to download FlagRASH now.  I don't really need to reset those other attributes very often but it's cheap enough and I really do owe you something for ReadOnly.  [that is seriously appreciated - thank you]
Going thru each folder with properties: A bore.  Attr -r means going into DOS: Ugh!  Your little program makes it real easy.  Thank you.
Sweet program, exactly what I was looking for.  Works perfect.  It was the very program I needed.  Clears all read-only attributes on all the files in a folder.  Great!
It is fast, easy to use!
Thanks for making your Read Only software available to the rest of us!  It's working perfectly and it's just what I wanted!
Thanks for a nice application.  Read only is unobtrusive, effective and useful.  Thanks
Product is used everyday.  Thanks sooo much.
I just reformated my hard drive and backuped everything on cds.  Hunting down all the the directories with backedup files would have driven me nuts.  Great software!  Thanks a million, or at least a few thousands...,
I am trying to re-set FOLDER attributes from read-only.  I tested on both Win2000 and WinNT.  Both use NTFS.  Files change as appropriate but folders (and sub-folders) read-only attributes are NOT changed.  Is this a NTFS issue???  [The issue is that the ReadOnly software does not change flags on the folders themselves.  FlagRASH addresses this issue.] Also, note that Win2000 allows files and sub-folders (and their files) to be changed all at once.
I got Read Only on Nonags.Com and I'd like to say thanks for the freeware.  Now it's easy to clear (or set) the Read Only attribute.  The program works fine and it's easy to use.
Using ReadOnly I've noticed that when you activate the "subfolders" option, it doesn't affect to the files inside those subfolders that got a dot '.' in its name (I like the names v1.1 v1.2 v2.XX etc to identify the diferents versions of my job) [That was an oversight and has been fixed in the licensed version of FlagRASH]  In spite of this, your program has been really useful.
It is great.  A program that will become very useful as we begin using more CD ROm burners for data storage and transfer.  THANKS !!!!!!
As I found your ReadOnly program a really useful & superb piece of software, yes, please keep me posted with new stuff.
Subscribe me please.
Please add me to update list.
I just recommended your program on one of the help site's I belong to.
I am surprised that few people make the observation regarding the read-only attributes on folders.  Perhaps they prefer to keep quiet and use your software anonymously - it's still free that way!  [but it's free anyway!]  Anyway, I would be grateful if you could let me know when the next version that includes the option of clearing the read-only attribute on folders is available (and any other similarly useful software).  [And so we wrote FlagRASH]
Thanks for producing this program - it's simple but is heaven sent.  I am writing to advise that I have used your Read Only software with some success and that, as you asked on your web page, I would certainly pay £1.  One thing I hope you will consider is adding the option to clear read-only flags from folders.  [Hence FlagRASH]  I find that copying files from CD/RW to my hard drive sets the folder attribute and it's quite a task trawling through clearing the read-only status.  Is this an option worth including?
WebAttack Rating: 4 out of 5
A great and useful little Programme.  Thanks.
VERY impressed.  Lost count of the hours wasted changing attributes manually.  Thank you and I would be grateful if you would keep me abreast of any new developments.
This day I downloaded your RO programme.  I am very satisfied with the results.  I am trying to work out how to use multiple folders in the directory box. At the moment I can only handle one folder at a time.  A minor problem I assure you.  [You have to check the Subfolders checkbox on the main form.]  Thank you for a very useful piece of software.
Today I've downloaded your ReadOnly program, having read about it in the Computer supplement of my daily paper (The Daily Telegraph).  I've now tried it on a number of folders & sub-folders containing files copied from my own backup CD-Rs - and it works just fine!  It's nice N easy to use and is quick - what more could anyone want?  And best of all, it's free!!!!  Thanks for that!  I've written my own batch file to remove the read only attributes from such files, but although it works, it is very basic - unlike your really excellent program.  One point though, having read through your help file, the first time I used your program I did make all my files read only!  Fortunately, this was in a folder that didn't matter, and was easily rectified.  But as you say, one user had reported this confusion, and although I'll not make that mistake again, I must say that the box to set or remove the attribute is a little confusing, even though the action info next to the box changes when the box is ticked!  [There is now a warning in FlagRASH if you try to change files in "Windows" or "winnt" folders and if you try to change the system flag on any files.]  Other than that, no complaints - in fact, nothing but praise and a big thank you!
Well done people....
Used and enjoyed...
Have just downloaded and tried this software.  This is exactly the answer to my problem and I find it hard to believe that software supplied with CD-Writers doesn't have an integrated self executable version of something similar to 'Read-only' built into it.  Great little program.  The only improvement that I can think of suggesting would be to offer the user the ability to select a default Folder/Location as an alternative to the systematic use of the program's own location.
Just downloaded you ReadOnly program and it worked a treat.  Very simple to use.  Good stuff!
Just one little critique:  When faced with the read only check box for the first time I didn't find it very intutive as to whether the program would be setting the Read-Only flag to on or off.  I just went with leaving it blank and of course it removed all the flags.  I think what confused me slightly was the "Clear read only attributes" text to the right of the box (I thought by checking the box might clear the Read-Only flags), you might want to remove the text to clear up this amiguity.
While you're at it, you might consider doing another couple of things:
1) Add further check boxes to set the attributes for 'Archive', 'Compressed', 'Hidden' and 'System' [sorted in FlagRASH]
2) Move the 'Include subfolders' Check box from the main window to below the Directories panel in the 'Select Directory' window.  [addressed in FlagRASH]
Thank you very much for adding the folder function to the program.  [We wrote a special on request]  This utility saves me a lot of time in removing read-only when i move files/folder from cd to harddrive.  Maybe if you have time you might consider adding all the function of files attribute to the utility.  Such as +- readonly, hidden, archive, system etc.  [Hence FlagRASH]  Please do add me to your mailing list for update version in the future and thank you very much once again.
First of all thank you for developing this readonly program.  Is it possible to include the function to change the attribute of the folders and sub-folders also.  The program only changes the files but not folders read-only attributes.
[so we did - as a special edition]
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I have been looking for a program like this for two years!  Few people realized that data off a CD was read only.  This will help me a great deal with my work at school.
You have a fine app -- I like tools like ReadOnly that work.
I've been looking for an app that removes the read only attribute from files that I copy from CDs to my hd.  ReadOnly works great and the price is right!  Please register me as a user.
I just downloaded your Read Only fix program and found it very useful.  You would think that the CR-R/W manufacturer would have this capability built into their system.  [Yes - and they probably will]
Its very good.  Thanks.
I create web pages for clients on my computer, then put them on a CD for the client to have.  When the client transfers the file from the CD, it is all read-only.  Your program will help me greatly to fix this.  Please let me know if I need any registration code to make sure it continues to work.  Thank you.  - [you don't]
Having 20 CD's filled with graphics and other files needed to restore my system as well as share with others it can be a pain to move and manage these files marked "read only" now with your application one click and smooth sailing.  I can't really see any way to improve it I like small and simple.  (remember way back when that was normal?) [yes]
Loved it have so many things to use this with.  with out this it is tedious to move several hundred files at a time thank you so very much.
I have found this app to be very useful.
Wow, what a cool little utility.  I love ReadOnly!
Up to now, it's difficult to say if I would agree to pay $1, since there are other comparable freewares.  However, yours seems to be be better at first glance.
I use this app alot and would hate to lose it.  THANXXX
This software doesn't seem to hurt anything.
I need this for readonly MP-3 files...........thanks........nik
This program solves the problem of transferring files from CD and then having to set the attribute for each file.
SUPER PROGRAM ..... thanx for everything ..... keep up the good work ... u done a super job with that program and I know any other programs u develop will be super too ....
Hello Read Only People, I like your very useful program.
I ran the ReadOnly and the ArchOnly [We wrote a special edition] programs at home on my laptop and desktop PCs (both Windows98 with Office 2000), and I also ran the same two programs on my work PC which is Windows NT4sp6.  I tried multiple combinations of Read and Archive bits on different drives (single partition, multi-partition, floppy, and Zip).  I also ran different combinations of each bit setting in different subfolders with and without the "Include Subfolders" option.  The results on all machines were as expected.  So if you want to let this one loose out of "beta" testing, let 'er rip!  Thanks again for all your support and the quick responses.  The programs are wonderful.
This is a much needed tool.  Please let me know how I can get a non-timelimited version.  I used ReadOnly for the same purpose as you wrote it and it worked great.  The only comments I have is that if "set" and "clear" each had their own check boxes, the main interface would have the same "elegance" as the About box.  Also, as long as you want people to email you, you should have an email address in the About box that can be copied.  [a useful suggestion - implemented in FlagRASH - thank you!]
I just downloaded your program and just had to try it out rite away ..... SUPER PROGRAM !  Also please put me on your list for any updates to this program ..... it is SUPER !  I will be placing a link to your website on my site for sure if its ok with u first ..... [great - every link helps!]  This is a program that everyone NEEDS not just wants.
Again, thank you for the efforts.  I replied that I would pay a pound for the software.  I'll be in London sometime between June 4 and 11, so I'll do a currency exchange and send it off. ;-) [Well I never got the pound - not to worry I'll pop over the pond and pick it up!]  Anyway, if you'd like royalties for your software/efforts, please advise how to go about this.  [Buy FlagRASH as many times as you please.]
i use the program much
I love it.  Not what I was searching for, but it's a keeper!  Thank you.  Now, what I was searching for (and cannot find) is a similar program that works on the Archive bit.  My less than suitable backup/restore/disaster recovery program doesn't do an Archive bit reset after backup so, like the Read bit after copying from CD-RW to the hard drive, I have to manually alter the Archive bit to OFF for each directory.  Can you develop or send the bits to zap to make ReadOnly do this? [We did.]
I would like the non-timeout version of ReadOnly.  Also any update information etc. would be welcome.  I've only used your program a couple of times but find that it is a very useful piece of software.
Hmm... I'm from the USA so I don't know how much money you were asking about in question #1.  So, I just answered yes.  With the rising number of CD-RW drives being sold each year this sort of program is definately worth paying for.  I would recommend $10 U.S.
[there was a huge list of ideas here - too much for this list]
Thanks again for the terrific, small, fast program.  Actually, most of the changes listed above would really be unecessary if you could include a short text file explaining how to use it.  That would save you a lot of programming time wouldn't it?  [Yes - so there's a help file available and one included with FlagRASH]
God Bless you and good luck with your software developing adventure.
Man, what a great little program.  This has been a real life-saver for me.  Please send me the full Non-Timeout version.
Hi there.
So far I haven't had any problems with the readonly.  It runs ok on my ancient Intel Celeron 433 MHz, 192 MBs RAM, Windows98SE.  Thank you very much.
Sorry, don't remember what the equivalent in U.S. dollars is, however, it is a nice little program, and I know many people who would be interested in it and would likely purchase it if the price were low, especially those using and saving fonts to CDs.
It seems to be a great little program and is a big help in converting files back once you've stored them on disk, which I often do.
Thank you.
This program has stopped my frusration with having to go into each folder of a multi level tree structure to change the read only attribute after copying backed up files onto my HD from cd.
Many Thanks
Make it shareware, Nik, and the best of luck - Invaluable tool.  Charge a little more than £1 - I hope you continue to give us more such useful programmes.
Many Thanks.
Thanks Nik.  Up tonight at midnight!
Thank you for making such a handy utility free for download.  Please would you consider sending me a link or the non-time limited version of this programme, as I find it invaluable.
Many thanks.
Thank you Nik, please place my home e-mail address on your file for future mailings.
What an absolutely fascinating email - fascinating to see you making discoveries as you type.  I don't begrudge you the £2 for all that [I'd shown him a completely different way to solve his particular issue.] - I thought it was a neat program and it works very well.  Thanks for being so helpful
Thank you for your FlagRash software which I downloaded and successfully applied yesterday.
Magic program saves having to go to the command line.  One small annoyance, the program opens in a small window and has to be maximised before it can be used.
[This was due to large fonts being used and we have fixed the problem in a special edition available on request.]
Have just down loaded and tried your mod It is Brill, problem solved.  I would like to thank you for putting so much time and effort into solving this problem.  It's a rare thing in this day and age for some one to follow up on a customer problem.  Once again many thanks.
With a 5-star rating on ZDNet, I'm certain you've downloaded a million copies.  [If only! - that'd be 2 million quid (slang for a UK pound)]  I hope a few more than 1 have chipped in a couple of quid in gratitude.  I'm surprised that, with just about every new PC now coming with a CD burner, that someone like Adaptec hasn't purchased a license from you and added it to their suite.
Thanks again.
I came across your nifty Flag Rash program at zdnet
...and thanks for making your efforts available so inexpensively!
I just happened to download your Mosaic screen saver earlier today, and I feel so enthusiastic about it that I must tell the creator(s) it's actually the most brilliant piece of art and technicality I've seen on my computer's screen.  I've actually not the slightest idea how it's done, being a complete layman in these matters, but I dreamed of something like it: fractal-ish, polychrome and lightweight.
You may be pleased to know I'll tell about Mosaic among my friends, and that it runs already as far as Toulouse, France. Yes, I like it very much!
Thanks again for inventing all this stuff you invent, that guys like me can use or play with for awhile(LOL) and for your speedy and helpful reply too.
I love the Mosaic screen saver, but it keep disappearing from my computer.
So I have to re-download it.  Why does this happen? [we never did sort that out for sure but the suspicion was the administrator]
Hi great little screen saver, I for one like the idea of getting something for free, but still think ppl should consider the time and effort of those who make these program after all you have had to spent out on computer equipment to do these nice thing's.  So have voted in favour of a small fee.
I am very happy with the Grid City screen saver.  Thankyou
GridCity is unmistakebly a child of Mosaic, covers the screen with layer upon layer of richly woven tapestries, very soothing and intriguing at the same time: kudos to the creator!
The colours are so vibrant - how do you do it.
I think it's a good approach but I don't like the output - the colours seem drab and I think this might be because the drawing pattern is too small.
Damn Great! terrrrific, fine, good, excellent, exemplary, ideal, allure, captivating, pucker, well, select, spiffing, fit, swell, ok, a swooner, gripping, sensational, absolute, exhillarating, pleasing, admirable, worthy, appealing, exquisit, .....  I'm sure I could go on ...  But I am a bit busy with other things at the moment...  and anyway, I want to go watch it again.
to be continued.........................
After installing the Grid City screen saver [...] I successfully applied it and it is working beautifully.  [...] Anyway, I am very happy with the Grid City screen saver.  Thankyou for all your help and concern.
From LockerGnome Weekly Digest 2 March 2002
{Print labels} Yes, yes, we all know that you can print labels from Microsoft Word, but Word isn't label printing software, ya know?  This program is made specifically for printing labels, and it gets the job done quickly and easily.  It turns any list of addresses from a text file into printable labels - just like that.  If you want labels and you want them now without a lot of "extras," then give this a shot.
I got your SenLab just now.  It's very useful.
Senalb is a very useful addition to my library.
Love the website! program is great!
I have just downloaded SenLab01 and what a simple but effective piece of kit.  Definately 5 stars.  Look forward to an upgrade.
Hello and thank you for a simple and very useful label program.  I wish other developers would follow your model.
I downloaded your free label printing software program and like it very much.  Thank you for your efforts and for offering it as freeware.
Thank's for the great program keep up with the good work.
Congratulations on SenLab, an excellent label maker!
Great idea! Couldn't I also use this to print envelopes as well, assuming that an envelope could be considered a big label that is merely one to a sheet? [Yes]
Just got the Label program, looks nice!  Thanks very much, told many friends about it.
I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that your time and efforts are appreciated.  [...] Again thanks and more power to your elbow :-)
I've just discovered your freeware program SenLab Labelling Software.  It's brilliant!
Thanks for the great free site and download.
Downloaded your Labelling software, and it's wonderful.
Great program.
Well, it's the sort of program that "does what it says on the tin"!
Right on the mark, Nik, and thank you!
Neat little program.  Thank you very much.
Thanks for the great program, it works very well.
Thank you for SenLab.  I am very impressed with the program and think it will be most useful to me in creating labels for general mail-out letters to clients in my database.
Thanks for a simple and easy program for the seniors in our community.  We have a computer club with the express intent to make seniors aware that it is easy to use a computer.  Your program fits the bill.
I was able to copy my old labels, change them to 'text' and copy them into your software.  I like it!!
[...] it looks like the program is going to be a winner.
Your program is quite elegant and an effective productivity tool.
I love you, I want to marry you and have your babies.  [Gulp!...] I know there is other label printing software available, but as far as I'm concerned yours is the best.
Nik you've done it again no frills and it's a time saver.
You have created a very nice program, it should be getting a lot of use at my branch since we print WAY too many labels.

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