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Some Sente software projects.

Software:  IT labelling solution
Superior solution for producing label sequences.
Fits all major patch panel, outlets, and cable manufacturers equipment.
Inventors of a unique method to construct sequences for labels.
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We have produced what is arguably the industry leader in IT labelling software.  Working with a supplier of labels, we have developed an application which enables end users to load templates, that fit their chosen label stock or requirements, and to readily construct sequential data to appear in the required layout to print on the labels.
This software is generic and "shrink wrapped".  It was developed in close collaboration with a number of leading equipment manufacturers and addresses the specialised requirements for network installations.
We are the sole inventor of a unique and superior method of producing large and complex label sequences for precise printing on manufacturers label stock.
Patch panels, outlets and cables, manufactured by numerous companies including Alcatel, Amp, BICC, IBM, ITT, Krone, Lucent, Mod-Tap, Ortronics, Panduit, RW Data, Sapphire, Siemon and Pirelli, are all catered for.  The software is currently available and runs under Windows 95 and upwards.

Client: 4D Communications Limited.
Software: Internet promotional material.
11k byte promotional animated emails.
Produced and supplied at extremely short notice.

We developed an animated promotional application which was required for Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, a Japanese pharmaceutical company.  This application was required at very short notice and was specifically required to be emailed to a lot of recipients.
We produced a sequence of three applications to build up to the launch date, each one being less than 11k bytes in size which made them very successful as email promotions.

Client: Scantel Limited.
Software: AVI Animated exhibition software.
Customised animated sequences for exhibition display.
Innovative and creative use of controlled random association of images.
Cost effective full 3D rendering and animation.

Scantel are a large market research company with a number of subsidiary companies and associations.  They required superior quality AVI sequences for a major exhibition.
We worked with them to produce six AVI sequences which reflected their diversity, professionalism and their leading position in the market place.  The sequences were dynamic and interlocked in such a way as to produce a very successful exhibition display.  The sequences were interplayed against each other and there were overlays which unified all six AVIs.  The end result was a constantly changing juxstapositioning of information and images which resulted in interesting and informative sequences.
These sequences were all produced using Newtek Lightwave software for full 3d-object building, rendering and animation.  The AVIs were then controlled by bespoke software to complete the display.

Client: 4D Communications Limited.
Software: International exhibition quiz survey.
Attractive interactive data gathering quiz.
Set-up program to install initial data which erodes as live data is collected.
Robust, exhibition proof software.

As part of a larger project, 4D Communications required some exhibition software for Nova Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company.  The software was to collect data and to display the results as part of an ongoing quiz at international exhibitions.
We provided them with an application which included an attract loop to be running when no one was using the quiz, the quiz with suitable graphical interface, and the set-up and control software.  They called us from the first exhibition to thank us for a very successful piece of exhibition software.

Client: Medi Cine International Plc.
Software: Masterclass in Infection Management.
Educational and promotional multi-purpose interactive software.
Complex interactive medical case studies.
Modular design for use at exhibitions, masterclasses, and educational institutions.
Sophisticated review features for post-class combined analysis.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd required an educational program aimed at demonstrating the efficacy of a particular anti-biotic.  The program consisted of a number of case studies where the consultant examined the patient and recommended a course of action.
The consultant was provided with a large and typical range of examinations and tests.  The results were available in simulated real-time, such that the temperature of the patient could be measured immediately, but the results of an x-ray may take several days to obtain.  The consultants were forced to make initial preliminary diagnostic and treatment decisions before moving on in time to re-examine the patients given their new condition as a result of the consultants’ earlier treatment.  The interactive nature of the program provided realistic case histories depending upon the consultants' decisions.
The program was developed in a modular fashion such that there was a basic case-study engine which would run any case study. Individual case studies were then be built and added into the program.  A control program was provided for moderators (those running the masterclasses) to pre-select a subset of cases for a particular group.  These could then be installed on a set of computers and after the consultants had completed the case studies the data could be collated for a review of the collective data in an educational context.
Any sub-set of case studies could be compiled and exported to floppy disk and supplied to individual consultants or educational institutions for their own use.  There was also an exhibition mode which allowed the exhibition staff to select a number of cases from which the users could select one to do.  The whole program was then shrink-wrapped and supplied in a presentation box with disks and instructions.
The underlying control software was meticulously developed with complex memory management and sophisticated image handling routines.  Twelve case histories were developed and we have never received one bug report from this program.

General Development.

We specialise in developing software solutions for a range of requirements.  We have developed curtain cutting algorithms for the soft furnishings industry, mathematical and scientific calculations, screen savers, exhibition software, educational and promotional programs.
We have 25 years of software development experience.  Our clients range from multinational blue chip companies to our local herb specialist.  If you have any requirement for software development you should contact us and we will help if we can.  Our favoured development environment is Delphi under Windows.

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