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Sente Limited create both generic and bespoke software.

Sente will develop software for anyone (for a reasonable fee).  We have supplied the pharmaceutical industry with highly sophisticated (and rather expensive) software and small businesses with inexpensive practical solutions.  We also sell a few applications and even give some away free.  If you want software developing just talk to us about your requirements and we may be able to help.  You can reach us from the Contact page.

Generic software is for anyone to buy and use.  Check out the Downloads page for the shareware and freeware we provide.  Sente have produced the widely used and much loved SenLab01 and SenLab02 address labelling software.  A simple and reliable way to make address labels (or any simple labels such as for kitchen jars, filing labels, even place names and sandwich flags).  We have also produced a number of other titles; ConvertCsv, FlagRASH and the Mondraic screensaver.

Bespoke software is developed for a particular client and their own requirements.  Sente have produced a wide range of applications from complex 3D-animation exhibition software to simple file format convertors for specialist equipment.  Check out the software projects list for more information on products we have developed.

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