Sente Limited consist of three people: Nik Allday, Chris Bazalgette and Ian Burden. Sente is based in Boston Lincolnshire and was created in 1993.
Sente Shop sells software. Sente Limited develop software utilities and applications. Buy easy to use labelling software for Christmas address labels, return labels, place names, jar labels, post labels and more.
Contact information for Sente Limited including postal address and phone number.
ConvertCsv is a simple csv to text convertor for SenLab01. A useful file utility program to convert csv data to simple address layout in a text file.
ConvertCsv works on Windows 95 and all versions to Windows 7. It converts files from csv format to text format for use with SenLab.
Toxic Drums Doubling Simulator Software: Written for Toxic Drums, this application illustrates the results of millions of games using different betting systems including the doubling system and the Martingale System.
Sente Limited sell SenLab01 and SenLab02 address labeling software. Also available are ConvertCsv, FlagRASH, Modraic, Wrods and the Doubling Simulator.
Extreme Programming: Doing things that work more and things that don't less.
Information about the software FlagRASH including system requirements, limitations, bugs and credits.
FlagRASH is a small program to allow you to bulk change the four file flags on the Windows Operating System. READONLY, ARCHIVE, SYSTEM and HIDDEN.
Sente Limited: Software development including SenLab Address Labelling Software.
Links to some useful resources and a few interesting links are provided here.
Mondraic: Screensaver. Genuine Fine Art developed as an ambient kinetic visual image which can usefully be displayed as a screensaver.
Mosaic was one of the world's greatest screensavers but the source code has been lost! So the executable only runs on Windows 95 or Windows 98.
ReadOnly is a file utility to set and clear the readonly flag on Windows systems. System requirements, limitations and bugs are listed here.
Sente Limited make screensavers. Mosaic and Mondraic are available here for download.
SenLab01 Information: SenLab01 installs with minimal fuss and has very few system requirements. It is not a text editor and ConvertCsv is available to convert csv files.
SenLab01 is een eenvoudig adres afdrukken van etiketten-software. Deze webpagina bevat de instructies in het Nederlands.
SenLab01 is an easy to use address labelling program and here are the instructions for SenLab01.
Address labeling software SenLab from Sente Limited (labelling software).
SenLab02 Information: SenLab02 installs with minimal fuss and has very few system requirements. It is not a text editor and ConvertCsv comes free to convert csv files.
SenLab from Sente Limited is labelling software to print address labels easily. Simply point and click and the text shrinks to fit the label.
Mailing labels are easy to print using SenLab. This cheap software is simple to use and makes printing address labels quick and reliable.
Sente Limited create bespoke software solutions and generic applications for a wide range of clients.
Sente Limited produce bespoke software solutions including labelling software, 3D animations, interactive educational pharmaceutical quizzes and the list goes on.
Reviews of Sente software: ReadOnly, FlagRASH, Mosaic, GridCity and SenLab. The general consensus is overwhelmingly good.
Wrods: Free typoglycemia software to convert plain text by mixing up the letters in each word except the first and the last ones.
Sente's Book Shop. Recommends software related books that we think are worth a read.