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Quick easy address label printing.
SenLab version 1
No bells and whistles - just does the business.
(address labeling software)
SenLab02 is now available with graphics.
See more about SenLab02

This is not your latest super fandango all bells and whistles software. (for that try Neato)
IT IS: Simple robust software to print labels.
Compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 95 upwards. Technical info User comments
Instructions in English
Instructions in Dutch (Nederlandse gebruiksaanwijzing)
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From this to this.
Notepad example SenLab01 screenshot

SenLab is designed to take a text file (.txt) of addresses and produce formatted labels from it.
My problem was that I wanted to print address labels from my list of addresses but most labelling (labeling) software assumes I am incapable of measuring labels and so offers me lists and lists of preformatted labels and I couldn't find the ones I wanted.  And then there are all sorts of clever ways of formatting fields, positioning them, allocating fonts and font attributes and no end of clever ways of attaching fields to databases of all descriptions ...
STOP --- I just want address labels...
So I wrote this program.
    1.  Create the label template.
    2.  Dump addresses in a text file.
    3.  Point the program at it.
    4.  Print the labels.
If you can get your data (addresses, sequences or whatever) into a .txt file with the content of each label separated by a blank line, then you can use this software.  (If not and you want to know how just email me at
If you need to convert csv format from many applications like Windows Addressbook and Excel try our csv to text converter: ConvertCsvBut before you buy it you ought to know that it comes free with SenLab02.
If you want to be informed of updates just let me know and I will add you to my update list.
If there are any enhancements or features that you would like to see let me know - development is ongoing and user driven.

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