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SenLab01 Information
SenLab01 is the precursor to SenLab02.

This page lists any information which we think may be of relevance to users or potential users of our SenLab01 labeling software.

System requirements:
SenLab01 was developed using Borland Delphi 6 on a basic PC running Windows 2000.
It uses minimal memory and is compatible with all versions Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7.

Install and uninstall:
SenLab01 comes with complete install and uninstall capabilities with minimal fuss.
By default SenLab01 installs in the Program files\SenLab01 folder.  This is not necessary, just convenient for users of SenLab.

Known limitations:
For some users nowadays it may be regarded as a "limitation" that SenLab is not a text editor.  The text for the labels resides in an external "Text file" with the file extension ".txt".  The advantage of this is that you can import, edit and sort your text with your own text editor like Notepad or Word.  It also means that your text is not integral to SenLab and is useable with any other software too.  If your data is in a CSV (comma separated values) file (typically because you have exported it from Micro$oft Address Book or a spread sheet) there is a CSV Convertor called ConvertCsv which will convert your data (typically addresses) into a plain format suitable for SenLab01.  (Note: ConvertCsv is free with SenLab02)

Bugs: (eek)
When loading a new data file the page counter remains at its old value even if there is not that much data in the new file.  This is not serious and does not adversly affect the running of the software;  It is automatically corrected either by pressing "First" or "Last" page, or by moving to another page.

Thanks to all the users who email us with comments and suggestions.

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