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Mosaic Information
Mosaic can be downloaded from the screensaver page.

This page lists any information which users have brought to our attention or that we think may be of relevance to users or potential users of our screensaver Mosaic.

System requirements:
PC running Windows 95 or Windows 98.
It uses minimal memory and would have been compatible with all future versions of Windows if Micro$oft had maintained backward compatibility.
It does nothing more than draw on the screen so it doesn't affect the registry and there are no additional files (dlls and the like) required.

Install and un-install:
Screensavers are executable files with a .scr extension.  There are one or two issues that they have to take into account like they have to automatically close down if a key is pressed or the mouse is moved and they really should allow significant background processing.  For the un-technical or less familiar users I will explain what to do to install and uninstall this screensaver.  By default Windows looks in the folder called Windows for screensavers.  They can also be placed in the Windows system folder I believe.  I do not run WindowsNT so your best bet would be to search for other .scr files to find where they are.  So the only thing to do on Windows 95 is to copy the file Mosaic.scr into the Windows folder.  When you want to uninstall it just delete the file or copy it off your system if you want to keep it for another rainy day.  There is nothing more to this screensaver than that.  In order to get it to run (on Windows 95 - it will be similar on later versions but I can’t give you definitive info) select Start from your system bar, select Settings/Control Panel and then select Display.  Select the Screen Saver tab on the form that pops up and select the drop down arrow in the edit box.  This lists the titles of all the screen savers that Windows finds in its folder (that’s why you have to copy it there).  You should now find one called Mosaic.  Select it and set up the wait time as required, press the Apply button and its installed.

Known limitations:
None - many thousands have been downloaded from our web site and the program has been around for many years.  It behaves very well and I know it has been installed and run on many different systems.  We have had one or two claims of bugs which have all turned out to be something else on the users system.  I have had virus checkers running in the background and asynchronous port communications running succesfully with this screen saver active.

Bugs: (eek)

Thanks to all the users who email us with comments and suggestions.

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