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A Genuine Art Screensaver - by Nik Allday.

Mondraic Screensaver
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Mondraic is the first in a series of Fine Art screensavers by Nik Allday commissioned by Sente Limited.  Mondraic (from Piet Mondrian and mosaic) is clearly influenced by the pointillist and abstract expressionist genres of Modern Art.

It is kinetic and transitory as the images it generates are so random that they are unlikely ever to be repeated in the history of time.  And yet there is a recognisable quality in the evolving images that are always uniquely identifiable as Mondraic.  It is ambient in nature and unobtrusive.  There are underlying simple harmonic algorithms which control the rate of change and the changes in colour and form.  Sometimes the image settles and remains almost static for a while and other times it waxes and wanes through phases of almost perceivable patterns and textures to large flat contrasting rectangles of colour.

The structure behind the patterns is fractal in nature which affords both a consistency and an apparent irregularity to the emergent visualisation.  The image can be mesmeric and mantra like in it's effect as one pattern emerges only to fade before it is fully formed into another.  It is contemplative and dream like.  It oscillates from moments of clarity into periods of chaos.  This is a piece of art that is worth owning.  Download the demo and decide for yourself.  But beware, you may become addicted.

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Buying Mondraic gives you a license to use the screensaver for personal non profit use.  If you want to use it in a public space for exhibition purposes please contact the artist through Sente Limited from the Contact page.

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