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The four flags associated with files and folders on the Windows Operating System are:
ReadOnly: Designates the file as non-editable.  Access to it is read only.
Archive: Used by backup systems.  Set when file is altered & cleared when it's backed up.
System: Indicates the file belongs to the operating system and is not general purpose.
Hidden: Marks a file so that it will not be seen in folder listings.

FlagRASH is an evolution of ReadOnly, the application to bulk clear the ReadOnly flag after files have been copied from a CD to a hard disk. Many customers asked to have the same access to the other file flags and so FlagRASH was developed to allow all the flags to be set and cleared. A pretty useless piece of software until you actually need it.

1. FlagRASH allows all the file attributes to be set and cleared.
2. FlagRASH allows folder attributes to be set and cleared optionally.
3. FlagRASH has improved user interface to make the actions clearer.
4. FlagRASH has an instructions/help page included.
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Below is a screenshot of the application rated 4 FlagRASH screen shot File Transit 5 star award
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