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FlagRASH Information
Software to bulk set and clear the ReadOnly, Archive, System and Hidden flags.

This page lists any information which users have brought to our attention or that we think may be of relevance to users or potential users of our utility FlagRASH.

System requirements:
PC running Windows 95 or greater.
FlagRASH was developed using Borland Delphi 3 on a generic and basic PC running Windows 95.  It uses minimal memory and should be compatible with all future versions of Windows provided Micro$oft maintain backward compatibility.

Known limitations:
Fixed in non-demo version of FlagRASH:
In the 30-day timeout demo version of FlagRASH it only issues a specific warning if files in the Windows folder are going to be affected.  The version for sale has had two additional warnings added.  If files in a WinNT folder are going to be affected and if the "system" attribute of any file is going to be changed.

Bugs: (eek)
Fixed in non-demo version of FlagRASH:
Folders that contain a dot "." in their name like MyProgV1.2 unfortunately get missed by this program.  For those that are interested, the reason is that each folder contains two folders that the system creates which are called "." and "..".  These folders are created by the system to maintain the hierarchy of folders and refer to "this folder" and "this folder’s parent folder".  In order for the program to search all the folders for files it necessarily has to ignore these two folders.  We erroneously checked for a dot in the folder name and if there was one the program ignores the folder. This bug has been corrected in the non-demo version of FlagRASH.

Thanks to all the users who email us with comments and suggestions (and bug reports).
Incidentally - we have written several adaptations to the software for individuals who have written to ask.  So don’t hesitate, if you want a feature (e.g. an undo facility or an exclusion list of folders) to email us (from the contact page) and ask.

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