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Doubling Simulator

Toxic Drums Roulette Doubling Simulator
doubling simulator software

Doubling Simulator screenshot

This software was developed for Toxic Drums to illustrate how the doubling system or Martingale Method work in roulette.  There is a full explanation at The Doubling Method on Toxic Drums and this software is free to download as an accompaniment to the article.

The software does nothing more than draw graphs of sequences of bets to illustrate what happens to the bank balance with certain gambling arrangements.  It illustrates the effect of the Zero and double Zero on the European and American roulette wheels and the effect of the casino placing an upper limit on bets.  The software can run as many as 10,000 games on 10,000 different accounts (that's one hundred million games) and produce the graphical output of the results in seconds.  It is a fun and informative piece of software available for download just because it exists.

You can read more about the software on the Toxic Drums Doubling Simulator page.

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