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ConvertCsv Information
Simple CSV to text convertor for SenLab01 & SenLab02

This page lists any information which users have brought to our attention or that we think may be of relevance to users or potential users of our utility ConvertCsv.

System requirements:
PC running Windows 95 or greater (including Windows 7).
It uses minimal memory and should be compatible with all future versions of Windows provided Micro$oft maintain backward compatibility.
It reads in a csv file and reformats the content for saving as a text (*.txt) file.  There are no additional files (dlls and the like) required.

Installation and un-installation:
By default ConverCsv installs in the Program files\SenLab01 folder. This is not necessary, just convenient for users of SenLab.  It comes with complete install and uninstall capabilities with minimal fuss.

Known limitations:
Currently it will only convert comma separated files.  If enough people require tab delimited conversion or fixed width conversion then we will add this functionality but you must let me know at .

Bugs: (eek)

Thanks to all the users who email us with comments and suggestions.  This product is a direct result of your feedback.

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