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Simple CSV to text convertor for SenLab01 & SenLab02
This convertor specifically converts comma separated values (csv) files to text files with the fields reorganised and sorted for using with our labelling software SenLab01 and SenLab02.
Try the demo which is limited by time and output to see if it does what you require.  If so you can buy the product from our shop.
Compatible with Windows 95 upwards.  (see technical info)

download —> ConvertCsv Demo <— demo software

ConvertCsv Screenshot

Download 30 day demo to try it first.
ConvertCsv only costs $14
Note:  ConvertCsv is FREE with SenLab02.
Get it —> Go to Sente's shop page <— here

ConvertCsv was developed because so many people requested it.  It will take your csv output from Microsoft Excel or Addressbook (or any application that exports csv data) and will easily convert your addresses into text layout for SenLab01.
If there are any enhancements or features that you would like to see please let me know;  Development is ongoing and user driven.

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