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the main function of this page is to allow access to my art.  sente limited is a software development company that i started for the purpose of providing application development for clients.  my history (though more varied than this) is in art and computers.  i have been developing and producing abstract images, non-narrative film and digital art for many years. this is an opportunity to allow access to some of that work.  if you are interested in the development and content of this site and want to be kept informed please email me at and i will endeavour to answer any questions or comments.  in the mean time it is sparse but provides internet access to my two screen savers and a growing collection of other items.

part of the purpose of this particular page is to focus attention on the art content of sente and nik allday and to enable folk who are looking for this kind of thing to find it more easily.  so below are courtesy links, my personal favourites, and related web rings
courtesy links: